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Crush 40 confirmed at Sonic Boom

Well I felt the Sonic Boom


Tickets are on sale!

Sonic Boom tickets are on sale today!  Price $30.00


Hero Bank Debut Trailer

Video in the Video Gallery.

Casino Night Zone

SEGA Sammy is developing a Korean Casino in Incheon International Airport in South Korea. This news comes just a few months after the company's impressive $300M profits.


Flynn Comments

Poor Flynn, got caught up in some bad crud.


Song Wednesday

Morning (or evening) everyone, just want to make a quick announcement. Instead of doing it every 2 hours, I'll do it every hour. It all kicks off at 8:00AM. The music will  be Sonic The Hedgehog 1 (8-bit).

Ecco 3D Footage

Is in the video gallery.

SEGA knows

SEGA realizes that parts of Sonic Lost World is similar to Super Mario Galaxy


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