Theme of Sonic Colours - Reach for The stars [Full Version]

you ready for Reach for The stars?


Vocals by Jean paul makhlouf of Cash Cash
Music & arranged by Tomoya Ohtani
Lycris by alex makhlouf & samuel Frisch
Electric Guitars by Susumu nishikawa
Electric Bass by akinori yamada
Drums by masuo
Drums recorded by Yoshitada miya at Towerside Studio, tokyo
Vocal Tracks recorded by Jean Paul makhlouf at digital Heart Beat music in Roseland, NJ
Recorded & Mixed by yoshitada miya at SEGA Digital Studio, Tokyo

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Orchestral Version

Speak With Your Heart (Ending Theme)

Sonic Colours Cutscenes (HD)

Sonic Colours OST
'Vivid Sound X Hybrid Colours'

Full lycris

Connection to Game
Take off, at the speed of sound - Sonic being able to run at supersonic speeds

Bright lights, colors all around - Dr. Eggman's amusement park

I'm running wild, living fast, and free - Sonic's fast and carefree personality

Got no regrets inside of me - Sonic having no regrets inside of him

not looking back, not giving up, not letting go, I'll keep on running - Sonic's stick-to-it nature

Reach for the Stars and The world is flying right below my feet - The game set in space

I'm gonna find my own way - Sonic preferring to do things his own way, in his own style

And take a chance on today - Sonic always willing to take a chance

The colors feel so right - The Wisps

I've never felt like this - The Wisps being the main power-ups in the game

I'll keep on running - Sonic never stops running

The lyrics were originally written by 'Zachary Jacob Lawrence' and submitted for a contest where it was selected as the winner. The lyrics were slightly modified for use in the game.
This song also appears in Sonic Generations as an unlockable song."

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